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What is better to buy, a house or a flat?

Individual house or community apartment? When we decide to buy a home, we have to assess what our present and future needs are with Sky Marketing.

The needs in the purchase of a home are related to our lifestyle and our plans and, in the decision will influence in which area of ​​the city we want to live, if we have a pet, if we want services such as a garage, or if we would like to expand our family.

What do they prefer, buy a house or a flat?  

If we ask people in our environment about their home, it is quite likely that many of our family and friends will confirm that their current residence is not exactly “the house of their dreams”, and that they would prefer a larger apartment or house, with more rooms, with more light, with a garden or in another neighborhood of the city.

In fact, although many say that they would like to live in a chalet or a single-family home, most of them do so in a block of flats.

As indicated by data from the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), 66.5% of Spaniards live in flats compared to 33.1% who live in houses (chalets, semi-detached houses, rural houses, etc.).

These figures break with the trend in Europe, since seven out of ten Europeans live in houses (in Spain the reverse is true). In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, the percentage of people or homeowners exceeds 80% (84.7%), unattainable figures in our country.

In any case, before buying a house or an apartment, it is advisable to assess the advantages and disadvantages of both types of properties. Investment, security or location can be determining elements when making a decision.

Advantages of buying an apartment: 

The main advantages of buying an apartment are:

  • Flats are usually cheaper than houses and fit the economy and budget of more people.
  • Floors are easier to light and heat. Think that it takes less time to heat / cool or illuminate a small space than a large one; so the expense invested in air conditioning will be less when buying a flat.
  • Maintaining a floor is cheaper, both for its size and its facilities. In addition, community expenses (cleaning common areas, elevator, etc.) are also lower.
  • The apartments, being smaller, are usually more practical and functional, and offer a cozy and warm atmosphere that many people appreciate.
  • Although the lack of space can be a challenge, currently there are many organizational proposals to optimize each corner and increase the storage space in the home.
  • The relationship with the neighbors is usually closer. In addition, in the housing blocks the feeling of security is greater.
  • Many flats are located in gated communities and in city centers, and offer exclusive services such as a playground, green areas, parking, gym, sports area, swimming pool, etc. In this sense, flat and luxury do not have to be exclusive concepts.

Advantages of buying a house: 

On the other hand, buying a house also has some advantages. The most important ones are:

  • The houses are more spacious than the flats. In addition, its distribution options are practically endless, so it is easier for you to find one that suits your needs and those of your family, whatever the size.
  • The townhouses, single-family houses and chalets offer their residents greater privacy. Not having to live with neighbors is something that many people associate with greater independence and causing less inconvenience.
  • If you decide to buy a house instead of buying a flat, you will not have to ask permission from the neighborhood community to carry out reforms or to integrate elements in the facade such as enclosures, awnings, double windows, etc. In these cases, you will only have to request the corresponding legal permits at your Town Hall.
  • Independent houses that are not located in closed areas or urbanizations do not have community fees, which reduces the amount of fixed expenses associated with the maintenance of the home.
  • If you like animals or if you have pets, an independent house is usually the most recommended place because they will have more spaces. Having a garden or a green area will also be beneficial for them.

Buying a house or buying an apartment: what option am I interested in?

Deciding to buy a house or a flat is not always an easy decision. For example, if you are a busy man and you like to move around the city comfortably, you will surely prefer an apartment, if possible, in a central neighborhood.  If you prefer tranquility, it is easy for you to choose a house, ideally in a neighborhood or in an urbanization on the outskirts.

Community life is another element to take into account. What kind of neighborhood are you looking for? Do you like to share spaces with other people or are you more independent? Depending on your answer, you may be more interested in buying a house or a flat.

To finish deciding between one option or another, the key elements to take into account are: maintenance costs, travel expenses, security and independence.

Maintenance expenses

The maintenance costs of an apartment, compared to those of a house, are much lower because the latter are larger. Sometimes they even have a garden and are more difficult to heat / cool, so they require investing more resources in air conditioning.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses are also usually higher if you live in a house than if you live in an apartment. The reason is that the houses are usually far away and it is likely that you will have to invest more money in public transport or with your vehicle to go to work, to shop, to study, etc. The flats, for their part, tend to be better communicated and allow moving around the city in a simpler and cheaper way.


Another important point is security. The flats are integrated, by their own architecture, in communities of owners. That makes them less exposed to theft, especially if they have internal security systems such as cameras, alarms, doormen or security guards.

On the other hand, it is also true that there are private urbanizations of villas and houses that have specific security services to control the security of their homes and plots.


Finally, we all have our priorities when buying a house or an apartment depending on our needs. For example, if you want tranquility, seclusion and independence, a house in the suburbs can be a great investment. If, on the other hand, you prefer to be close to restaurants, museums, shops, cinemas, bookstores or entertainment venues and you are tolerant of noise, the best option is to buy a flat.

At the investment level, everything will depend on the type of property, its condition, its location, its facilities and the real estate offer in the area.

If you want to buy a house or a flat in your city, contact us. At Tajarat properties we are leaders in online real estate services and we have a wide portfolio of homes throughout Spain. Tell us what you are looking for and we will find a property for you.