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What houses are ideal for singles?

If buying a house is always an important decision, doing it alone is even more complicated because it implies that a single person assumes the mortgage payment, taxes and other fixed maintenance expenses such as utility bills, community receipts, etc. You should see Sky Marketing.

Despite this, there are more and more people who live alone by their own decision or due to their personal circumstances. In fact, around 25% of households are single-person. In more than half of the cases (around 58%), they are single men and widowed women over 65 years of age who live in large cities.

Even so, single-person households are growing in in all provinces and more and more young people are opting to live alone and acquire a home as an investment for the future.

Of course, living alone has its pros and cons, but in any case, the important thing is to find a house that meets your needs for space, location and budget. In the case of these houses for singles, they usually have some characteristics that are what this profile seeks.

Houses for singles: what characteristics does this profile look for?

Small apartments in the city center, studios and one-bedroom penthouses. These have traditionally been the houses for singles. However, and although this cliché continues to be fulfilled, times change and the needs of society also.

For example, today there are single people of all ages, both young and middle-aged professionals or older people who demand different types of housing according to their lifestyle and purchasing power. In addition, many singles have children and dependents, and need to have more space on a continuous or occasional basis (weekends, vacation periods, etc.).

Telecommuting has also influenced singles home trends. And it is that more and more people from all marital states carry out their work remotely, often in their own homes, and this requires having a dedicated space in the home for this purpose.

The must be of the houses for singles 

The question is, what do singles value when it comes to buying or renting a home? What kinds of priorities do they manifest? Space? Location? Functionality?

Below we have selected some of the essentials when choosing houses for singles.

A type of home for every age

People’s needs change a lot over the years. When we are older, we look for a series of comforts in the house that while we are young, we may not take into account. For example, younger people look for studios and lofts, while older singles opt for more functional and spacious spaces that have services such as an elevator.

In any case, the type of home is often associated more with purchasing power than with the type of residence that best suits the needs of each person.

Space, increasingly valued 

People who live alone need less space than those who live as a couple or as a family, and that’s a no-brainer. However, and as we have already mentioned, the profile of the current bachelor has changed a lot. For this reason, one-room studios are no longer the “star” houses for singles: flats of 60-70 square meters, with one or two independent rooms and with space for an extra room or an office are the most demanded by this type of customers.

The importance of ” where “

Location plays a key role in singles homes. Normally, one of the conditions that determine the purchase or rental of this type of property is its location near the place of work, university and leisure areas, public transport stations and services such as supermarkets, health centers, green areas, etc.

Maximum functionality

Homes for singles must be, above all, functional. This affects the distribution, decoration, furniture or facilities, aspects that must be taken into account both in apartments and in penthouses and duplexes. In fact, one of the advantages of houses for singles is that the distribution of space can be more flexible, since they are not necessary as many rooms as in family homes. In this way it is possible to have fewer square meters but more spacious and functional rooms.

Minimalism, the quintessential decorative style 

Perhaps the question that you ask yourself now is what type of decoration fits more in the houses for singles. Of course, there is no generic and unique answer, as it depends on personal taste. However, there is a more or less general trend in the decoration of bachelor flats. Normally, and due to their size, the walls are usually painted in light colors so that the spaces appear more illuminated, large and clean. Regarding the furniture, auxiliary pieces with simple lines are sought, that can easily fit anywhere, that do not require excessive maintenance or cleaning and that do not clutter up the space.

So are the houses for singles 

Almost all houses for singles meet some of the following characteristics:

  • The living room occupies most of the available space and is usually the brightest room.
  • The kitchen is an extension of the living room that is separated from it by auxiliary furniture.
  • To eliminate dead zones, the bedroom is separated from the dining room by a partition or with a sliding door.
  • The bathroom in single houses is usually small to give more space to the dining room or bedroom. In it, functionality is mainly sought, so the usual thing is to replace the bathtub with a shower.
  • As houses for singles often have high ceilings, there is the possibility of taking advantage of this height to build extra storage spaces.

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Always looking to the future

Small apartments, studios, lofts, penthouses, … the houses for singles are designed to meet the demands of the present, but what about the future?

Especially in the case of younger singles (although it can be applied at any age), it is possible that at any moment they find a partner, decide to create or increase a family or move for work reasons.

In this case, as experts in the real estate sector, we want to remind you that the purchase of a home should always be analyzed as an investment for the future. It is true that having a perfect bachelor’s house fits with your current needs but, if these changes, you can choose to sell your apartment (these apartments tend to be increasingly valued, especially if they are located in central areas) or rent, obtaining from this form a monthly income with which you can recover the investment and have some added benefits. And if you wish, you will always have your bachelor house to return to.
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