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What are the advantages of buying a house in an urbanization?

Peace of mind, a feeling of security, less traffic on the streets, infrastructures for practicing sports, green areas, … living in an urbanization on the outskirts of a big city can have many advantages, especially for couples and families with children and pets.

Housing in urbanizations is an option that is increasingly in demand by those who spend the day in the city for work or studies but who are looking for a relaxed place to enjoy their free time. In fact, it is quite common to identify buying a house in an urbanization with a higher ” quality of life”, hence it is an attractive investment for many people with Sky Marketing.

Of course, there will also be those who ensure that this statement is debatable because they prefer to live in the center of the city despite the fact that its streets are more bustling, since they enjoy advantages such as proximity to municipal services and leisure and restaurant spaces.

In any case, living in an urbanization on the outskirts and living in the center of a city has nothing to do with it.

From Deplace, in this article we are going to focus on the main advantages of buying a house in an urbanization.

7 Advantages of buying a house in an urbanization

A safer environment

The urbanizations are spaces for exclusively residential use. This gives them an urban and road safety that we do not find in the central neighborhoods of cities.

Many urbanizations, especially those that are private, have services and spaces with restricted access to residents, and even have private security.

Quieter streets 

Many streets in our cities are crowded with people. Sometimes, by real human or traffic floods that can even cause states of anxiety and nervousness. It is not an isolated phenomenon, since this occurs in practically all the nerve centers of medium or large cities.

In urbanizations, on the contrary, the traffic on the streets is lower, so they have less noise pollution and the environment, in general, is cleaner and healthier.

Rest assured

For many families, especially those with young children, respecting the hours of rest is very important. It is also for adults, who need to recharge their energy to face the challenges of their day to day.

A good place to do it are the urbanizations, free of noise and were, especially at night, calm reigns.

Closeness to nature and green areas 

Many urbanizations are surrounded by green areas that, in some cases, represent a true “green lung” for cities.

Being close to parks and green areas facilitates greater contact with nature and facilitates us to carry out healthy actions, such as going for a walk or running in safe environments, free of movement.

More space

Buying a house in an urbanization has a great advantage: space.

Normally the apartments located in central areas are small and this can pose a problem of space and privacy.

In urbanizations, the houses are usually larger (chalets , single-family houses, townhouses …), and have elements such as their own garage, garden and even individual or community green areas.

They have exclusive services 

Some urbanizations have services for their residents such as swimming pools or recreation areas, and even have sports courts (tennis, paddle tennis, fronton, etc).

Many also have their own street and common area cleaning, garbage collection, gardening or security services.

The most exclusive also have nurseries and schools, some of them quite elite.

Family atmosphere 

When a family considers buying a house in an urbanization, they generally look for a quiet environment to raise and educate their children. In urbanizations this objective is common and for this reason it is easy to find other families related to ours among our neighbors.

This atmosphere of cordiality facilitates a closer coexistence and a more pleasant treatment. In addition, in an urbanization child can play in the streets and in the gardens.

Do you have any disadvantages to buy a house in an urbanization?

Obviously, living in an urbanization has many good things, but also some drawbacks.

To begin with, its price: some developments are very expensive, practically a luxury, so buying a house in them is an investment only within the reach of a few dollars. In addition, living in an urbanization, depending on its services, can be expensive, since the community-maintenance costs are usually higher.

On the other hand, urbanizations are further from the cities. And although sometimes they have a frequent and agile public transport network (buses and subways), at other times residents are very dependent on their vehicles and motorcycles, with what this implies in terms of spending and pollution.

Due to its exclusively residential nature, you have to get used to going to and from the city both for basic day-to-day actions such as working or going to school, as well as for shopping, going to the movies, going to a restaurant, etc.

Another disadvantage of buying a house in an urbanization is the distance with municipal services such as City Hall, official buildings, health centers, etc.

Elements to take into account when choosing an urbanization

If you are considering buying a house in an urbanization, you should look for one that fits your needs and your budget. But, in addition, you must also take into account other factors:

Community and neighborhood 

That is, the environment you are looking for. There are urbanizations that are more luxurious than others and in which, therefore, you will find one type of resident or another.

Community Services

It is important that you value if an urbanization has common spaces: garden areas, swimming pools, paddle tennis or tennis courts, playgrounds, private security, etc. This will determine your comfort and the price of the property.

It is also important that you value if you have nearby services such as supermarkets or pharmacy.

Connections and transportation

Transport connections and networks can be a fundamental element to buy a house in one urbanization or another. The ideal is to have public transport connections with the city center or with networks, public or private, to schools, study centers, etc.

It is important that an urbanization has good roads and access to the city’s entrance roads, highways, etc.

Housing type

The type of housing offered in an urbanization is another key before buying a house. It all depends on whether you want a new or second-hand house, and whether you value the option of having a garden or your own plot.

Distance from the center

Private or gated communities closest to cities are also usually the most expensive for a great advantage: despite their isolation and privacy, they are close enough to the center to take advantage of municipal services. This makes them a highly demanded option for those who want to buy a house in an urbanization.

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