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Do you want to see how your house is going to be? We tell you with virtual reality in real estate!

Those who want to buy an apartment are not only concerned about the price of the property they are going to acquire or the area where it is located. They also want to know how each of the rooms is and, above all, all the possibilities it has with its current distribution, when demolishing partitions or when carrying out other reforms, something that with plans and photographs is not always easy to imagine and that can be a brake for sale.

Something similar happens in rental flats. Sometimes, we need a home in a city that we do not know and we hire the services of a professional company to help us with the procedures, as well as to know what it is like to live in a specific city . It is likely that we will not be able to travel to our new destination to see the home “in person” and that is why, and although the real estate agency provides us with information and images, we do not always get a true idea of ​​what our future home will be like.

In both cases, both for purchase and for rent, virtual reality has led to a revolution in the real estate sector Sky Marketing. In this article, we will give you the keys to its success and we will tell you how a real estate agency like Deplace can take advantage of this technology to improve its services.

Why have real estate companies “succumbed” to virtual reality? 

Virtual reality applied to any sector and field (both personal and professional) has been a new way of consuming information that is optimized, detailed, multifunctional and designed for all types of media and users.

In this sense, virtual reality in real estate is applied to replace the traditional presentation of houses and flats. Until now, this was based on face-to-face visits that, on many occasions, could be unsuccessful and entail a significant effort, an investment of time and a loss of money for both the real estate agency and the client.

Thanks to virtual reality, potential buyers can “enter” into their future home without stepping on it and from anywhere, see all the spaces and corners in a colorful, realistic and attractive way, go through it slowly and stop at every detail. In this way it is easier to consult and clarify doubts before making a final decision.

But, do companies in the sector benefit from this technology? Of course. Virtual reality for real estate guarantees a personalized and transparent service. With most virtual reality platforms, it is possible to carry out 360º visits, focusing on those aspects of the home that can be considered most relevant. In addition, thanks to this technology, your offers of apartments and houses can be distributed to a greater number of people. No more organizing agendas and arranging hours for visits!

Innovation, visual impact and differentiation: the advantages of virtual reality in real estate 

Using virtual reality has many advantages for real estate companies. In fact, it is possible to reach many more clients in less time and improve the cover letter of the properties for sale. For potential buyers, virtual reality is a comfortable and accessible tool to immerse yourself in the house of your dreams from your sofa, without haste and as many times as you want.

Do you want to know what other advantages virtual reality offers in real estate?

Saving time when traveling

Before choosing a house or an apartment, it is normal for the buyer to want to see all the options available to him, and that implies traveling to various places to make the visits. The effort can be high for all parties: buyer and seller must move and, many times, it is difficult to square their schedule with that of the current homeowner who, in turn, must also have the house ready for the visit.

Thanks to virtual reality, clients have the opportunity to see their future home quickly, at the time they prefer and without having to make appointments with the real estate consultant or the owner. In general, the process is much more comfortable for everyone.

A “perfect” filter 

We cannot deny it: most customers discard half the homes that are shown to them on their first visit because they do not like the location, distribution or orientation, three factors that are imperceptible in the photographs, but which are decisive when it comes to make the purchase decision.

For real estate agents, virtual reality tools are a perfect filter that allows to quickly discard properties and better understand the needs of buyers. So, they can look for a house more suited to them.

Possibility of viewing homes under construction or in the process of reform 

As you may already know, some developers use virtual reality to show their flats, houses and urban complexes to their future owners. Real estate companies take the same advantage of this technology, something that is an advantage at all levels: the future buyer can walk through their house before it is finished and see its exteriors and facilities in a reliable way. Something similar happens with homes and buildings in the process of reform.

Convinced and satisfied customers

Virtual reality in real estate implements technological solutions for all types of clients, generating a very positive impact on them; especially in those younger and with a clear technological profile. For companies, offering a tool of these characteristics is synonymous with difference, transparency and innovation, something that customers value positively.

In general, virtual reality visits increase the trust that the client places in the real estate and increase the number of sales for one reason: a home built in a virtual environment is valued much better than one that is only shown in photographs.

All the possibilities at our fingertips

Virtual reality in real estate allows users to interactively view the space and show it to friends and family before confirming the purchase. The possibilities are practically endless: they can check if the new house suits their lifestyle or their furniture, establish what points they need to improve to make it perfect for them and search (and find) the appropriate solutions to achieve it. In this sense, virtual reality allows the buyer to plan better before the purchase.

Virtual reality for real estate: the “star” sales strategy 

Virtual reality is a fundamental tool for the present and the future of the real estate sector, especially for online portals and real estate agencies such as Deplace. The implementation of these solutions is unstoppable. And the differences are considerable: after all, it is not the same to sell with a plan and that the client has to imagine the space, then to offer an immersive and sensitive environment.

Currently, it is a world benchmark in the development and implementation of virtual reality solutions for all types of sectors. It is, therefore, a long-range strategy and a marketing tool included in many real estate marketing strategies and that, little by little, will become a naturalized trend.

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