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Can’t sell your house? It may be for these reasons

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in 2018 and following the trend of recent years, the sale of houses increased again. With an increase of 10.1% year-on-year, last year 515,051 transactions of this type were carried out in our country, 82% of them in second-hand housing. New home sales also rose 11% to record highs for the past decade.

These figures summarize and endorse a reality: the real estate sector Sky Marketing is experiencing one of the best moments of the last ten years. However, for some people selling their apartment has become a real odyssey, a complicated task for various reasons, and in which the constant doubt arises as to why I cannot sell my house. And, when it comes to selling a house, every detail counts.

6 reasons why I can’t sell my house: 

The price is too high 

Many sellers are adamant about their home price regardless of the actual market situation. In fact, more than half of the homes that are listed are priced higher than they should be.

Obviously, it is legal to want to make money by selling a property, but it is also necessary to be realistic when valuing our home . A clear example: expecting to earn from the sale of a house the price paid for it in the years of the furniture boom is a difficult expectation to fulfill.

Lowering the price without a clear strategy is not usually effective either. If we go down excessively, we will capture the attention of buyers but it is possible that they detect that the property has a problem and do not decide to buy.

Our advice: 

If you think that the reason why you cannot sell your house is its price, lowering it is a good option if you take the value of homes in the area as a reference. Another alternative is to specify in your offer the possibility of negotiating based on the market price as a sign of your flexibility to speed up the sale.

The house is not in good condition

One of the main requirements that buyers look for is that a house fits their needs. Large and spacious rooms are always more flexible, and a good distribution will help make better use of space. On the other hand, all the professionals in the sector agree: repairs and reforms can revalue a property up to four times the amount invested.

Our advice: 

Painting the walls, changing the floor, renovating the electrical appliances or checking the heating and air conditioning installations are small investments that will allow you to get a better performance from your home. If you have a garden, a well-kept appearance can be an interesting added value.

You can’t find your potential buyers  

To sell a house it is necessary to communicate the offer by different online and offline means. In some cases, placing a sign on our balcony or window is a viable option to attract the attention of our neighbors, but if we want to reach more people than those who pass through our door, we will have to take other actions to boost the sale. Otherwise, when you think about not being able to sell my home, the lack of visibility could be the key.

Nowadays it is very likely to find a buyer on the Internet because, normally, those who want to buy a house go to specific websites and portals where there are many homes that fit their budget. The key is to choose which online portals we place our offer on.

Our advice: 

If your property appears on more than one website or digital platform, it will reach more buyers. Study the options that interest you the most and bet on trustworthy and quality portals. If you are looking for a real estate online, contact us.

Your ad is not clear

“I have lowered the price, I have carried out renovations and I have placed advertisements on the Internet but, even so, I cannot sell my house. What is the cause?”.

If you feel identified with this phrase, it is possible that the reason why you are not selling your house is that your ad is not well planned.

The key to an attractive ad is photos. The first impression is very important. In fact, more than 99% of shoppers dismiss ads with no images or poor quality photos. In the ad it is also advisable to add other relevant information such as the total area of ​​the house, the distribution, the orientation and a small description of the property.

Our advice:

We advise you that the photographs of your ad are of quality and that you take them when the house is clean and tidy. It is important to obtain different perspectives of each room because this way the buyer can see all the possibilities of the space. If you contact a real estate consultant or a professional in the sector, they may inform you about Home Staging techniques to achieve impersonal spaces that fit with current decorative trends.

Regarding the description, we recommend you focus on the location and details about the proximity to green spaces, supermarkets, hospitals, schools or public transport, as well as relevant urban projects nearby. The ideal is to take advantage of this space to tell your personal vision and give added value to the property.

You are skeptical of the sale 

Many emotional factors can play a role in the sale of a home. After all, a home is full of memories. However, if we really want to sell, we must be friendly and willing to cooperate with future buyers without showing a sense of urgency, need, or nostalgia. On the contrary, we must convey to them all the positive things that they can obtain from the transaction based on our personal experience.

The first step is to express the possibility of showing the house in person and meeting with the buyer. Many buyers want to visit the home to verify that the property is as shown in the images, and negotiate directly with the seller to have a closer deal.

Our advice: 

An important step in selling your home is to differentiate between those people who are curious and those who really have an interest in buying your home. Try to create an environment of trust in which both parties can express their intentions and expectations in the sale.

You have not trusted professionals

Many people believe that their house is in good condition and that it will sell itself without the help of intermediaries. The problem arises when, after a while, the real offers do not arrive and the phone does not ring. It’s the moment when you wonder why I can’t sell my house.

When hiring a real estate agent or a real estate consultant, you should not do it solely because of their resume. These professionals know each area or city, have experience and have numerous tools to promote the property and reach a wider audience.

On other occasions, the sale of a house is delayed due to bureaucratic problems that professionals in the sector know how to solve in an agile way.

Our advice: 

Deplace is an online real estate agency and we have no doubts about it: if you want to sell your house with the best guarantees, you must trust professionals. No one knows better than us what the buyer wants and how to offer it.

Are you looking for a real estate agency to sell your house fast? Our services include property valuation, multimedia report, visitor rating, revaluation suggestions and negotiation. We want you to get the best results! Contact Tajarat properties.