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5 tips for photographing houses and speeding up their sale

Having quality photographs by Sky Marketing is key to accelerating the sale of a home. In fact, getting a good first impression thanks to the images in an ad is essential for buyers to focus their attention on your property and decide to find out about it or visit it. In this sense, good photos are as important as a good description of the property or its distribution.

It is not surprising, therefore, that deciphering how to take photos to sell a house is one of the great challenges for sellers and real estate agents, or that home staging (actions to condition the home in order to sell it better) includes traditional marketing techniques like the use of photography.

The main reason is that most people who want to buy a house make their first contact with the offers in the sector through online real estate agencies like ours. And the first filter, in all cases, is the image.

In other words, if the photos of a house are of poor quality, even if their description and sales conditions are advantageous, they will generate negative emotion and the buyer is more likely to discard the property.

How to take photos to sell your house and take advantage of every corner 

To begin with, you should know that you do not need professional photography equipment to take good images of your home. Many current mobiles have options to obtain high quality photos, although it is important to control the angles and lighting or do some retouching afterwards. In any case, it is recommended that the resolution of the camera or equipment is high (the reference can be 20 megapixels) so that the photos do not lose quality when shared on websites, social networks or when printed.

On the other hand, each house and each room have different characteristics of extension, depth or luminosity, and all have an impact on how we can take advantage of the space. That is why the first tip to learn how to take photos to sell a house is to photograph each space, guided by these characteristics. The basic notions that you must follow are:

How to photograph the dining room and larger rooms 

A good trick to photograph the wide spaces of the house is to opt for the panoramic mode, which allows you to cover the dimensions end to end, in all its extension.

How to photograph small rooms and offices 

To get the most out of small rooms, it is a good idea to use a horizontal framing, although it will depend on the space available. A good idea is to launch the photo from the door to offer a joint view of the entire room and generate a greater sense of depth.

How to photograph the bathroom and kitchen 

The kitchen and bathroom are highly valued when buying a house, and that is why getting the most out of them when photographing them is essential. However, it is also possibly the most complicated spaces to portray due to their lighting conditions, their reduced angles and dimensions, or the number of reflective surfaces that we find in them.

If you are wondering how to take photos to sell your house, our tricks for photographing the kitchen and the bathroom are three: use a tripod and warm light to reduce reflections, opt for portrait mode and avoid photographing mirrors (you can hide them with plants, for example).

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How to photograph terraces and balconies  

Terraces are an incentive for many buyers, so if your house has one, you should show it as attractive as possible. Depending on the orientation of your home, we advise you to take the photo in the morning or in the afternoon to take advantage of natural light. The general recommendation is to use a horizontal framing and, if the terrace is wide, the panoramic mode. If your house has a small balcony, we advise you to follow the same steps as in small rooms: framing that allows you to see the space as a whole and make the most of natural light.

How to photograph common areas (garages, storage rooms, etc.) 

A good idea to speed up the sale of your house and encourage visits is to include images of some common areas of your building in your real estate file. You can photograph your garage space (using the flash and vertically) and also swimming pools, gardens, gyms, etc.

Five basic tips for photographing a flat or a house 

Although every corner of your house is different, there are some basic questions that you should apply to all rooms when photographing them. The most important ones are:

Tidy up and clean before taking photos 

It seems obvious, but you always have to keep it in mind. In addition to cleaning, collecting and ordering each room, our recommendation is that you leave the minimum of possible things in view, avoiding the presence of personal items (toys, clothes, etc.), since what we are looking for is a neutral house.

Find a good framing 

Framing will allow you to get the greatest sense of spaciousness. The ideal is to take the photos from strategic points such as corners and doors to make the rooms appear larger, and avoid close-ups and details.

Take care of the composition

The distribution of the elements is the basis of any photograph, regardless of its genre. If you are interested in knowing how to take photos to sell your house based on its composition, it is essential that you apply the Law of Thirds.

We briefly explain what it consists of. It is about mentally dividing the space to be photographed into three equal horizontal and vertical parts. Then, when taking the photo, you should try to place the key elements of the room (windows, corners, paintings, etc.) at the intersections of these imaginary lines. At the horizon point, that is, the one that seems furthest away, you must locate the junction between the floor and the wall. If you follow these notions, you will get photos that are visually balanced and more attractive to buyers.

Retouch photos 

Retouching, thanks to programs such as Photoshop, will help you improve your photographs to sell your house and correct small lighting errors. You should bear in mind that future buyers will look for images that, although they optimize the space, are realistic. The general tips are to correct the light tone so that it is warmer and to balance the whites to avoid areas that are too light or dark. If you want to sharpen, you can use some specific filters.

Choose the photos that interest you the most 

To guarantee the success of your ad, you must take many photographs of your home, both inside and outside, and from different points of view. Then it will be time to select the best ones. Ideally, include several photographs of each room, selecting the highest quality. As a featured photo, we advise you to choose the most striking one, if possible from the living room or kitchen. In the case of chalets, bet on photos of the façade that include the garden.

Photographs can determine the sale of a home. That is why it is important that you read and use these tips on how to take photos to sell houses.
Even so, we know many times we do not have the time to carry out these tasks and we prefer to delegate them to professionals. If this is your case, contact Tajarat properties. We know how to do a multimedia report oriented to the sale of houses.